JB-106A Automatic servo control screen printing press

Recommended application:

The JB-106A automatic servo control screen printing press is an independently developed product introduced by JINBAO. The printing press is a newly designed intelligent screen printing press. The machine includes three patented features and five utility models. It operates with extremely high printing quality and efficiency. .The speed can reach up to 5000 pieces/hr. For some custom products, the printing speed can surpass 6000 pieces/hr. These screen printing presses are the best choice for industries applying print to paper or plastic fine packages, ceramics, decal paper, metal signs, plastic membrane switches, and electronic parts.


Technical parameters:


Model JB-106A
Max. sheet size 1060×750mm2
Min. sheet size 560×350mm2
Max. Printing size 1050×750mm2
Frame size 1300×1170mm2
Substrate thickness 90-420g/m2
Printing speed 800-5000pcs/h
Power required 3P 380V 50Hz 24kw
Total weight 4600kg
Overall size 4070×3350×2050mm


JB-1050A Full Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine


The JB-1050A full automatic stop cylinder screen printing machine employs classic stop cylinder technology and is designed with a high running speed of 4000 sheets/h. The applicable printing substrates include ceramic and glass decorative paper, textile, paper, signboard etc., thus it can be widely applied to screen printing for advertising, packing, garment, electronics and many other industries.If linked with a UV curing machine, rotary vane type screen printing dryer or infrared and ultraviolet dryer, as well as automatic paper stacker, a fully automatic screen printing line can be constituted to further improve the work efficiency.


Technical parameters:


Max. paper size 1050×750mm2
Min. paper size 560×350mm2
Max. printing size 1050×750mm2
Size of screen frame 1300×1170mm2
Max. pile height 700mm
Paper weight 90-420g/m2
Border Less than 10mm
Printing speed 800-4000pcs/h
Installed power 10.7KW
Power supply 3P, 380V, 50HZ
Total weight 5600kg
Overall size 4080×3020×1750mm3


JB-720A Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine


JB-720A/800A/1020A fully automatic stop cylinder screen printing machines are designed with classic stop cylinder technology, featuring 3600pcs/h printing speed, accurate sheet positioning, high printing precision and low noise. They are suitable for the screen printing of ceramic and glass decals, advertising, package printing, labels, textile transfer, special process and many other industries.With classic stop cylinder technology, if these machines are linked with rotary vane type screen printing dryer or infrared and ultraviolet dryer, UV curing machine and fully automatic paper stacker, a full automatic screen printing line can be used to enhance the working efficiency.


Technical parameters:


Model JB-720A
Max. paper size 720×500mm2
Min. paper size 350×270mm2
Max. printing size 720×500 mm2
Paper thickness 108-400g/m2
Size of screen size 880×880 mm2
Border Less than 10mm
Printing speed 1000-3600pcs/h
Power supply 3P, 380V/50HZ
Installed power 10.5KW
Total weight 3500kg
Outline size(L×W×H) 3300×2450×1690mm3


Flat Screen Printing Machine




JB-4060-6080-6090 common flat screen printing machines are typically applied for planography. The substrates can be paper, plastics, glass, porcelain, metal, textile and leather etc.The maximum printing area is 600×900mm, and the printing speed can be at least 1,200 pcs/h.





Model JB-4060 JB-6080 JB-6090
Max. printing area 400×600mm2 600×800mm2 600×900mm2
Dimension of workbench 600×700mm2 800×900mm2 800×1000mm2
Printing speed 1300pcs/h 1200pcs/h 1200pcs/h
Max. dimension of screen frame 700×800mm2 900×1000mm2 900×1100mm2
Height of instant off-network 0-23mm 0-23mm 0-23mm
Print thickness Below 40mm Below 40mm Below 40mm
Net weight 450kg 500kg 600kg
Overall dimension 1500×800×1250mm3 1800×1100×1300mm3 1800×1200×1300mm3
Power supply 3P,380V/50Hz 3P,380V/51Hz 3P,380V/52Hz
Power 2.25KW 2.6KW 2.95KW
Printing motor power 0.75KW 0.75KW 1.1KW
Printing shaft power 0.75KW 0.75KW 0.75KW
Blower power 0.75KW 1.1KW 1.1KW






Horizontal Lift Screen Printing Machine





The printing head of the horizontal lift screen printing machine can move up and down smoothly. Horizontal lift screen printing machines are specially designed for deformation resistant substrates, with a wide printable range, including screen printing on paper, plastics, glass, porcelain, metal, textile, leather and other flat objects, especially suitable for the printing of electronic PCB, FPC, PCB liquid photosensitive emulsion and SMT solder paste.




Model JB-750II JB-960 II JB-1280 II
Max. printing area 500×700mm² 600×900mm² 800×1200mm²
Max. dimension of the frame 800×1160mm² 900×1360mm² 1100×1660mm²
Dimension of the workbench 600×900mm² 700×1100mm² 900×1400mm²
Print thickness Below 40mm Below 40mm Below 40mm
Height of instant off-network 0-20mm 0-20mm 0-20mm
Printing speed 1200pcs/h 1100pcs/h 900pcs/h
Weight 600kg 750kg 900kg
Overall dimension 1500×1080×1700mm³ 1700×1180×1700mm³ 2000×1380×1700mm³
Printing motor power 0.2KW 0.4KW 0.4KW
Printing shaft power 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW
Blower power 0.75KW 1.1KW 1.5KW
Power 2.45KW 3.7KW 4.1KW
Power supply 3P,380V,50Hz



  1. An integrated decelerate motor horizontally lifts and lowers the printing head fast and smoothly.
  2. The guide rail and synchronous belt of Italian brand MEGADYNE enable more precise and stable variable frequency drive printing.
  3. The air-liquid convertor cooperates with the off-network cylinder to ensure smooth and stable off-network process.
  4. The adjustable workbench is separated from the locking device, which can eliminate the locking error.
  5. One of the dual-cylinders control the squeegee and the other controls the flood coater, which ensure high and even printing pressure.


3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Press



The 3/4 automatic screen printing press consist of a screen printing machine, automatic discharging machine and UV curing machine, suitable for screen printing on soft substrates, such as paper.

With manual feeding and automatic discharging, the 3/4 automatic screen printing press is more efficient and labor saving compared with common screen printing machines.

When the screen printing machine finishes printing and the printing arms are lifted, the mechanical arms of the discharging machine will reach between the printing arms and the workbench,

pull out the printed matters and send them to the next process (drying, curing and stacking).


Tech Specs

Screen printing machine


Screen Printing Part JB-750 II JB-960 II JB-1280 II
Discharging part JB-800CL JB-800CL JB-900CL
UV curing Part JB-800B JB-800B JB-900B
Top Speed 1100 pcs/h 1000 pcs/h 900 pcs/h
Paper weight Below 500g/m² Below 500g/m² Below 500g/m²
Spec of paper 700×500mm² 900×600mm² 1200×800mm²
Power 15.24KW 16.49KW 16.89KW
Weight(about) 1400KG 1530KG 1650KG
Overall dimension 6600×1050×1760mm³ 6800×1180×1760mm³ 7100×1400×1850mm³


Discharging machine


Model JB-800CL JB-900CL
Top speed 1200pcs/h 1200pcs/h
Paper weight 500g/ 400g/
Max. paper width 720mm 820mm
Power 220V, 290W 220V, 290W
Weight 350kg 400kg
Overall dimension 2000×1000×1100mm³ 2200×1100×1100mm³


JB-UVJ UV Drying Conveyor



JB-UVJ UV curing conveyors are specially designed for fully automatic cylinder screen printing machines, but they can also be used together with other UV printing machines or equipment.

Dryers are suitable for curing wrinkle effects and special UV effects and areare widely used for drying and dehumidification in screen printing, PCB printing, dyeing and printing and galvanization.



Model JB-800UVJW JB-1050UVJW JB-1300UVJW
Convey speed 60 m/min 60m/min 60m/min
UV lamp power 10.0kw×3pcs 10.0kw×3pcs 10.0kw×3pcs
IR lamp power 1.5kw×3pcs 1.5kw×3pcs 1.0kw×6pcs
Wrinkle lamp power 80W×3Pcs×2Choice 80W×3Pcs×2Choice 100w×3Pcs×2Choice
Effective curing width 850mm 1100mm 1350mm
UV exhaust fan 0.37kw×3 0.37kw×3 0.37kw×3
Towel power 38.5kw 38.5kw 40kw
Weight About 1100kg About 1200kg About 1400kg
Overall dimension (4200+650) ×1700×1710mm³ (4200+650) ×2000×1710mm³ (4200+650) ×2250×1710mm³
Used with JB-720A/800A/720/780/CP1 JB-1050A/1050/1020/1020A/1050AG/CP2 JB-1300



  1. The well-organized upper and lower fanning systems prevent the operation chamber from overheating.
  2. Three lamp sets can be controlled separately with multiple light intensity choices.
  3. The maximum conveying speed of the variable frequency conveying system reaches up to 60 m/min.
  4. The conveyer belt is made of highly abrasion resistant Teflon and capable of automatic deviation rectification with absorption.


UV Dryer for Semi Automatic Printing Machine, JB-800B



The JB-800B UV dryers are used to cure UV ink and are usually used with semi-auto screen printing machines. They are widely used for drying,

dehumidification and curing in screen printing, dyeing and printing, galvanization,PCB printing and food industries.

The conveyer belt is made of high-quality material coated with Teflon, which decreases friction and guarantees a uniform and stable ink curing.




Model JB-800B
Effective curing width 800mm
UV lamp power 5.6kW×2
Exhaust fan power 380V 1.5kW
DC motor power 375W
Conveying speed 0-35m/min
Weight 550kg
Overall dimension 2200×1050×1200mm³


Fully Automatic Paper Stacker



The JB-S paper stackers automatically stack finished and semi-finished printing products.

They usually interact with printing machines and curing machines in order to greatly enhance production efficiency and quality.


With PLC automatic control, the fully automatic paper stacker is capable of automatic stacking and alignment.

The back and side alignment devices can be easily adjusted to fit different paper sizes.

The photoelectrical device can detect and control the paper alignment mechanism. The alignment is carried out by pneumatic components.

The proximity sensing device controls the automatic stacking board descension, ensuring a smooth and automatic paper stacking process.

Stepless speed regulation is available for the variable frequency control paper conveyance system.




Model JB-800S JB-1050S JB-1300S
Max. paper size 800×600mm² 1100×750mm² 1300×760mm
Min. paper size 350×250mm² 350×250mm² 560×350mm
Max. stacking height 700mm 700mm 950mm
Top speed 4200pcs/h 4200pcs/h 3800pcs/h
Power 0.92kw 0.92kw 1.55kw
Power supply 3P,380V/50Hz 3P,380V/50Hz 3P,380V/50Hz
Weight 600kg 650kg 850kg
Overall dimension 1900×1850×2500mm³ 2000×2050×2500mm³ 2700×2430×2750mm³



Automatic Glitter Powder Machine



The automatic glitter powder machine is easy to use, it carries out partial glittering, relief screen printing and a variety of color powdering processes on paper products, all without causing any dust pollution.

The automatic glitter powder machine is usually connected with a screen printing machine at the front end in order to improve both the production efficiency and glitter utilization rate.

According to user production needs, the glitter powder machine can also be connected to curing equipment on the back end, such as a UV curing machine or IR drying machine.




Model JB-900SF JB-1100SF
Max. printing width 900mm 1100mm
Max. paper thickness 5mm 5mm
Max. printing speed 1500m/h 1500m/h
Power 2.0KW 2.0KW
Power supply 3P, 380V/50Hz 3P, 380V/50Hz
Weight 280Kg 350Kg
Overall dimension 2000×1550×1760mm³ 2000×1750×1760mm³


800TJ Automatic Cold Foil Stamping Machine



The 800TJ automatic cold foil stamping machine can realize foiling directly on the screen printing of finished products without additional hot stamping equipment.

The thickness of the foiling is superior thin comparing to traditional hot foiling process.


Technical parameters


Max. stamping width 800mm
Max. convey speed 60m/min
Pressure range 0.5-0.75Mpa
Total installation power 3d380V 50Hz 24.5Kw
Air supply 0.45-0.75Mpa
Total weight 1200Kg
Over size 2360*1650*1750mm