SONORA X Process Free Plates

The plate the print industry has been waiting for

KODAK SONORA X Process Free Plates bring the environmental and cost benefits of process free plate making to more printers than ever before. With run lengths, imaging speeds, resolutions, and handling capabilities that match most unbaked processed plates, SONORA X Plates can be used by up to 80% of offset printers.

ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plate

The high-performance, no-compromise plate

KODAK ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plates deliver long run lengths in UV applications, maximum resolutions, and fast imaging. Get all the benefits of UV without sacrificing plate performance.

ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates

Exceptional high resolution for premium performance

Differentiate yourself from the competition with KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates, designed to consistently produce extremely high-quality print. ELECTRA XD Plates deliver exceptional press performance with the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths.