Manroland GOSS

Manroland Goss web systems is the leading supplier of web offset printing solutions. The company provides System Solutions for highly automated press and post-press equipment, Engineered Solutions for mechanical, automation and closed-loop upgrades for all types of presses. Polymark as local dealer provides service solutions for parts and labor, TeleSupport and service level agreements 24/365, and E-Commerce Solutions to the web offset industry.

Packaging Solutions

With packaging producers under intensifying pressure to cut costs, reduce turn-around times and achieve higher print quality, web offset is gaining momentum often as competitive or better alternative than flexo-gravure or sheet-fed offset. In many applications, web offset can do it faster, easier and at lower costs. Web offset lithography is an inherently stable process ideally suited for the challenges of high-quality packaging applications, including precise color tones, intricate reverses and screens in excess of 200 lines per inch. Web presses also run fast and deliver that quality consistently — across the web, throughout the run and from job to job.

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Flexible book printing productions

Looking for book printing solutions for small to medium batch sizes? The VARIOMAN b:line with its variable-cut offset printing units in combination with a fully variable folding system is the right choice for you!
Thanks to the innovative concept of the VARIOMAN packaging presses, the VARIOMAN b:line benefits from low ink costs, fast production changeover times and high output. This guarantees economical production.
Unlike web-based book printing presses, the VARIOMAN b:line has flexible cylinder circumferences. Paired with endless roll processing, the sleeve cylinder technology offers almost infinitely variable format ranges. Like that printing products in a wide range of formats can be optimally utilized and printed with as little waste as possible.
The VARIOMAN b:line produces in combination with the manroland Goss Formerline – the flexible print finishing solution for book production – much more flexibly than standard book printing presses and even with smaller batch sizes it is still cheaper than digital printing.

Features & Advantages: 

1. For 30-120 g/m2 paper

2. Almost infinitely variable format ranges.

3. Low ink costs

4. Fast changeover times for economical production

5. High output

6. High printing quality

7. Max. web width: 850, 1080 and 1300 mm

8. Maximum speed: 400 m/min

Digital Finishing Solutions

manroland Goss web systems has successfully expanded its applied expertise in the digital print market. Using its wide and full know-how, the company has developed digital print finishing modules FoldLine for newspaper and FormerLine for book production. These help digital printers to produce short runs that can easily hold its own in terms of cost — and even generate siginficant savings potentials.

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Commercial Solutions

manroland Goss web systems is the leading supplier of commercial web offset presses. Our equipment enables companies working in this market segment to consolidate and further expand their position in the market-providing, of course, their production facilities are able to meet the requirements of a growing number of different products. Here, the ability to process orders at low cost but with superlative quality will play a predominant role in achieving success.The manroland Goss web systems series of presses meets these requirements and helps to ensure the commercial success of our customers.

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Newspaper Solutions

As the undisputed leading company in the market, manroland Goss web systems supplies newspaper presses and systems across the world. Products that have been printed using our systems reach over 400 million people in over 75 countries on all five continents of the world. It’s a fact that makes us feel proud, and with good reason. Thanks to our wide range of modular systems, our customers are able to develop a flexible response to market requirements.

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