SALTADIS adhesives for production of books/magazines/catalogues/packaging


Spine glues +packaging application

SI 3435 – low-melt, application temperature starting from 120C up to 140C. Good advantage – low VOC, do not burn, for slow, medium and high speed gluing machines, application — rollers and nozzle. Also suitable for packaging industry.

SI 3501 – for book perfect binding, catalogues. Application – rollers — temperature 160C-180C

SI 9700 – PUR – fast reactive polyurethane adhesive for bookbinding and other industrial application. Application temperature is in range 110C-135C, rollers, nozzles.


Side glues + packaging application

SI 3233 – hot-melt, keeps tank very clean, do not burn, disc and nozzle application, for medium and high speed gluing machines. Also suitable for packaging industry. Application temperature 165C – 175C.

SI 3244 – PSA glue, rollers and nozzle application, for medium and high speed gluing machines.

SI 3238V – pressure sensitive hot-melt  with very good bonding properties. Application: roller, nozzle, spray – temperature 150C-180C. Mainly used in hard cover line as special application in creasing section. Also suitable for packaging industry.


Jelly glues – book hard cover + rigid box packaging

SI 1220 – is our premium quality protein based adhesive designed for manufacturing book covers. Approx. application temperature is around 60C. Allows good performance in low viscosity with various materials. Can be used in Kolbus, Hörauf, Zechini and similar. Avoids curving of the board, due to thin layer of the glue applied.

SI1207 – is a protein adhesive of organic origin; it is an ecological, totally recyclable jelly glue meant for displays or rigid box-wrapping – automatic box covering machines. Application temperature on rollers is around 60C. Open time: medium/long.

SI 1250 – is a protein adhesive designed for head banding. It allows an excellent bonding and clean running on automatic machines. Application on rollers in temperature: 57C – 63C. Open time is short.


Dispersion glues casing-in, first shot + packaging application

SI 5292 – specifically for the graphic arts industry for casing-in. It is mean to bond a wide range of different substrates and has good machine running properties with good wet tack and good rate of bond development. Also suitable for paper lamination machines (Lamina type).

SI 5204 – is a dispersion adhesive, synthetic resin emulsion. For the two shot system – dispersion/hot-melt. Can be used also for gluing endpapers. Also suitable for using in box folder gluing machines.

SI 5207 – high viscosity dispersion glue. Can be used as primer glue for two-shot system, also in book-ribbon section.