Screen process printing chemicals

ULANO RLX Emulsion

Multi-purpose diazo/acrylic photopolymer screen emulsion. RLX has broad exposure latitude, superior edge definition and resolution,

and resistance to a wide variety of solvent- and water-based ink systems. RLX also possesses excellent coating properties,

mesh bridging, stencil build per coat, drying speed, and durability. It has a high-contrast magenta color with superior resistance to humidity.


ULANO Double Duty Emulsion

Double Duty is an olive-grey, enhanced dual-cure emulsion formulated for use with industrial etchants, and with abrasive,

frit-containing inks for ceramics and glass. Because of its mechanical durability,

Double Duty is also well suited to lengthy textile printing runs using discharge and other water-based textile inks.

It has 40% solids content (un-sensitized) and a viscosity of 6500-8000 centipoise (sensitized).

Liquid screen de-coating concentrate for manual use

  • Kiwo Pregasol CF 20, 5L
  • Kiwo Pregasol CF70, 70 ml
  • Kiwo Pregasol PowderPack

PREGASOL CF 70 Stencil de-coating is a highly efficient, liquid de-coating concentrate for the removal of photo emulsions from stencils.

PREGASOL CF 70 solutions are colourless and odourless, chlorine free, have very little attack on the mesh and do not bleach.

One bottle of PREGASOL CF 70 produces approx. 5 ltr of a ready-to-use de-coating solution.

PREGASOL PowderPack (2 x 70 g) is self-dissolving screen decoating powder. Dissolve one pack in 5 ltr of water for approx 5 minutes and then stir briefly.


Solvent resistant screenfiller for blocking-out.

Suitable also for retouching of solvent resistant stencils.

It is fast drying and forms an elastic, very solvent and abrasion resistant film. Excellent flowing and wetting properties.

KIWOFILLER 408 Green remains water soluble and can be removed from the mesh with water without any residue.

Alkaline activator and screen cleaner based on biodegradable solvents

  • Kiwo Pregan Megaclean X-TRA, 1KG
  • Kiwo Pregan Megaclean X-TRA, 5KG

PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA is a viscous, solvent based, alkaline screen cleaner for the removal of ink ghost images after screen decoating.

In combination with ghost image removers (e.g. PREGAN ANTIGHOST) it can also be used as an activator for the removal of emulsion and diazo residues.

High flash point and is low odour.

The high viscosity allows application by using a coating trough or brush. In usual working dilution, the cleaner/

water mixtures can be emptied into adapted biological sewage plants.

Kiwo Pregan NT9 Extra, 5L

Ready-to-use screen mesh cleaner and degreaser made of renewable raw materials.
Pregan NT 9 is a highly efficient cleaning and degreasing agent for all types of screen meshes.
It prevents the appearance of pinholes and surface deterioration when coating with direct emulsions.
Economical application and optimum distribution even on course meshes due to its viscous consistency


PREGAN ANTIGHOST is used for the removal of ghost images and mesh colourations.

PREGAN ANTIGHOST can unrestrictedly be used on polyester meshes, do not exceed a reaction time of 1 hour on nylon or V2A meshes.

When using V2A meshes its application can further be restricted due to varying qualities or pre-damages caused by other chemicals.

Trials are essential. PREGAN ANTIGHOST is not suitable for metallized (nickel-plated) polyester meshes.


Kiwobond 100 HMT Mesh glue, two component 700 g + 140 g  

1000 HMT is a two-component, low-viscosity frame adhesive for High Mesh Tension screens and fast drying requirements.

It has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to all commonly used screen frames.

Its low viscosity makes it most suitable for finer mesh counts. Drying time before can be cut away from stretcher is approximately 5 minutes.

Kiwoclean S 912, 5L  

KIWOCLEAN S 912 is a highly concentrated, acidic degreasing concentrate.

Diluted up to 1:50 with water, the ready-to-use cleaning solution has excellent degreasing and wetting properties and is suitable for any mesh type.

KIWOCLEAN S 912 has especially been developed for automatic screen washing units.

It produces little foam and is a phosphate-free tenside combination for the removal of grease and dirt.

Kiwoclean CF 580, 5L

KIWOCLEAN CF 580 is a highly efficient, liquid decoating concentrate for the removal of direct photo-emulsions /

films from screens. KIWOCLEAN CF 580 has especially been developed for

automatic screen de-coating units and does not crystallize in the units or tanks due to special stabilizers.

KIWOCLEAN CF 580 has no attack on stainless steel. KIWOCLEAN CF 580 is used in a dilution of 1:60 to 1:80 in tap water,

depending on the field of application. KIWOCLEAN CF 580 solutions are colourless and without odour, chlorine free,

have very little attack on the mesh and do not bleach. KIWOCLEAN CF 580 can be diluted in water at any ratio.


A non hazardous water dilutable ink wash for solvent based inks, UV inks,

plastisols and water-based inks for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units.

Cleanmatic MF-12-2 can be diluted up to 4 times with water when used for the removal of plastisol or UV inks.

Mixed with Stripmatic CF, a non hazardous stencil remover concentrate for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units, it removes ink and emulsion in one step.



Solvent-based ink wash for manual usage “on-press-cleaning”.

Press Wash is a solvent blend that can be used to remove most screen process ink from screens, squeegees,

printing tables etc. It has a mild odour, does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons, and will not affect most capillary films and direct emulsions.


A concentrated liquid stencil remover for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions and capillary films,

from all types of fabric, including metalized polyester. Will not etch fabric; contains no strong alkalis or hypochlorides. Odor free.


Ghost Remover Advance is formulated for the effective removal of ink haze, ghost images, and fabric stains — especially those caused by diazo sensitizers.

There are no dwell time restrictions for Ghost Remover Advance on polyester fabric.

On nylon or stainless steel fabric, however, the dwell time should not exceed 1 hour.

Stainless steel that has been cleaned or treated with other screen chemicals may have been damaged,

so that the dwell time of Ghost Remover Advance may need to be reduced. The viscosity of Ghost Remover Advance is helpful on coarse fabric,

where it can continue to react during extended dwell times.