Westland Graphic Rollers

Every experienced user knows that high-grade roller coverings are indispensable for ensuring operational reliability

Efficient production processes

Westland graphic rollers for perfect results.

Westland graphic rollers for sheet-fed offset, web offset, newspaper print and continuous print.

Westland graphic rollers as complete components and exchange roller.


optimal functionality

stable processes

excellent chemical resistance

consistent printing results

satisfied customers

Inking rollers:

WEROGRAPH® — conventional inks

WEROMIX — hybrid rollers both for UV and conventional inks

WERO-UV — for pure UV inks

Dampening rollers:

WERODAHL – for offset printing using IPA

WEROAQUA – for IPA reduced printing

WERODAMP®-XLT – for IPA reduced and IPA free printing with patented LotoTec surface technology