HANNS EGGEN is a manufacturer of traditional printing consumables from Brüggen, Germany.

Environmentally friendly and high-quality raw material systems in best combination with customer-oriented product development and highly developed quality control form the basis of a successful company history. Most of the products are have Fogra approval of Heidelberg, Manroland sheet and web, KBA and Baldwin.

Hardening agents to Reverse Osmosis system

HARDENER (Mg only) V60.12

HARDENER (Mg/Ca) V60.7


Dampening water solution additives for reduction of IPA

Sheetfed conventional:

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN XL V47.5

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN V47.12

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN Eco V47.9

Sheetfed UV, LED-UV, H-UV:

Heatset Web conventional:

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN Web V78.111

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN Web V78.113

Fountain Solution Additive ALCOLAN Web Eco V78.115

Coldset Web conventional :

Fountain Solution Additive OXILAN WEB LZ V92.10

Silicone emulsions for web offset printing:

EGGOSIL from 30% up to 50%


Water based dispersion varnishes “low odour” FDA certified:

Gloss: “SL 41-40” high rub-resistant, quick drying, gloss appearance 42GP

Matt: “ML 22-40” standard matt coating with a good dulling effect GP 12-13

Soft touch: “ST 04-50” high soft-touch feeling, easy to use! No activator required

Cleaning chemicals:

Sheet-fed, flash point 63C — EGGOLAN E 60277

Heatset web-fed, flash point 105C — EGGOLAN E 10111

Dampening (metering) roller cleaners: GREEN CLEAN (Westland Lototec certified), BLUE CLEAN, BIP CLEAN (without butyl glycol)

Blanket rejuvenator and cleaner (for conventional and UV): REGUMMI S

Dampening system cleaner: EGGO FOUNTAIN CLEAN

Also available: Sheet fed UV cleaner

Anti set — off powders: coated and uncoated

Calibrated underlay sheets

Filter bags and filter mats

Additional printing aids

Silicone spray (400 ml aerosol)