Equipped with a 2-watt UV laser and computer system, the JB-1300CTS screen making machines will automatically

complete screen printing form production, with a resolution up to 1200dpi.




Max. Screen Frame Size 1300mm×1200mm
Screen Frame Thickness 40mm
Max. Image Size 750mm×1050mm
Wavelength 355nm, 2watt
Pulse energy 25μj@80kHz
Output power 2W@80kHz
Pulse width 10ns@80kHz
Pulse energy noise (rms)3%
Long term stability (rms)±2%


Operation condition


Warm-up Time Less than 10min
Operating Voltage 24V
Maximum Inrush Current Below 9A


Laser scanning


Marking speed 3.0 m/s
Power requirements DC15V, max.3A
Operating temperature 15℃-35°C
Typical air requirements clean, filtered air 20L/min
Environment Temperature 15℃~35℃
Environment Humidity 40%~50%
Environment Cleanliness ISO Class 7


Beam Characteristics


Special Mode 1.3, TEM


Laser Head


Operating temperature 18℃-40℃
Relative humidity 80%
Dew point temperature 20℃
Screen Frame Thickness 40mm
Dimension 240×95×94 mm³




Dimension 1848×1443×1503mm
Weight 400kg


Printing Plate Exposure


Printing plate exposure frames are a variety of contact exposure imaging equipment used for screen plate making.

Exposure frame presses the screen and film together, then tightly combines them using atmospheric and mechanical

pressure so that the original plate is exactly copied onto the screen.




Fully Automatic Exposure Frame equipped with 3KW air-cooled UV lamps, JB-1213S II fully automatic precision exposure machine is used to conduct exposure printing

of high-precision lines and dots, as well as screens with high-density meshes, such as PCB or screen printing.


Automatic Decoating & Developing Machine



The automatic de-coating & developing machine has two modes: screen de-coating and screen developing.

Users can regulate the washing pressure, and the equipment is capable of cleaning a variety of screen printing plates,

making it suitable for degreasing, developing, de-coating and water-based ink cleaning.






Model TC-1300TX
Max. frame size 1170×1300mm²
Operation speed About 3min/pcs
Power 8kW
Power supply TN-S AC380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.55-0.7MPa
Air consumption φ16mm, 500-800L/Min
Overall dimension 2140×1540×2450mm³


Screen Plate Washing Machine



The TC-1300X screen printing washing machine uses an organic solvent and water-based solvent for screen plate cleaning.

With the use of a screen plate washing machine, users can easily finish cleaning and drying processes with just the push of a button.



  • Feeding
  • Start-up
  • Water spray and cleaning/air drying
  • Finish cleaning/automatic ceasing
  • Unloading


Types of screen developing techniques

Technique Media Liquid temperature Heating Filtration precision Spray pressure(MPa)
Water spray and developing Water Normal Null 5um 0.3-0.6
Air drying high-pressure air pump or compressed air 10000 level Null



Model TC-1300TX
Max. frame size 1170×1300mm²
Air pressure 0.55-0.7MPa
Air consumption φ16mm, 500-800L/Min
Overall dimension 1640×1140×2560³




  1. The washing machine uses high-pressure air as the energy source, and is controlled using a pneumatic logic system.
  2. The 7-level filtration mechanism ensures the recycling and reuse of the cleaning liquid, which reduces the cleaning liquid consumption.
  3. The safety interlock mechanism and the sealing design ensure a safe production process and environment.
  4. The adjustable cleaning pressure ensures the stability of the screen meshes, thus extending the mesh lifespan.
  5. The automatic cleaning frequency counting allows users to quickly refill the equipment, thus ensuring a high cleaning quality.


Purifying system


Cleaning device


Screen Coating



The JB-1100T automatic screen coating device uses high-precision photographic emulsion, which is particularly suitable for large areas of screen coating.

The maximum frame size reaches up to 1200mm×1300mm.



Model JB-1100T
Max. frame size 1200×1300mm²
Max. coating area 1100×1150mm²
Suitable frame thickness 30~50mm
Coating speed 0-99mm/s
Available preset coating 0-20pcs
Power 0.41kW
Power supply 1P, 220V/50Hz
Air pressure Above 0.4MPa
Air consumption Below 150L/H
Weight About 400kg
Overall dimension 2100L×620W×2050Hmm³



Screen Stretching


Screen stretching machines feature a widened aluminum framework for a greater impact resistance and long service life.

These screen stretching machines are often used for screen stretching in the production of color screen plates, single sided circuit boards and double sided circuit boards.



Pneumatic Net Puller / Screen StretcherWorking air pressure: 0.3-0.6 mpa

Air cylinder specifications: 50×70 L
Net Clip specifications: 300 mm


    1. Mechanical Net Puller / Screen StretcherWith high and stable, even tensions, the mechanical net puller/
    2. screen stretcher is able to be adjustably regulated in order to adjust to different screen printing specifications.


Aluminum Screen Printing Frames



As an indispensable accessory for screen printing, the aluminum screen printing frame is light-weight,

corrosion resistant and deformation resistant with a high strength.

We provide six regular models of aluminum screen printing frames.



Sectional dimensions of the aluminum tube

No. Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
1 25 25 1
2 25 38 1
3 25 38 1.5
4 25 38 1.5
5 30 60 1.8
6 32 42 2


Above are the regular dimensions. Customization is available.